Here is where the problem started

So it’s Tuesday morning July 27th and as usual I wake up at 5:30 AM. In the early morning hours I usually make myself a coffee and catch up on e-mails and crucial social networking activities. I value the quietness of the house in the morning – it’s my own personal quiet time. The morning solitude on this day is shattered interrupted by the arrival of my six year old at the kitchen table and his announcement that he was, at that early hour, “bored”.

Hey, I’m a gadget guy, and in times of crisis like this I turn to electronics to help so I offered to let him download and play a game on my newish iPhone 4. What would be good? We browsed the Top Free apps on the App store and I noticed “Farmville”. Excellent (I thought), this is a game I think he can figure out on his own so we downloaded and launched and he went into the living room to put his hands into the dirt.

This is the nasty foreshadowing bit – when you download an application from the App Store you must supply your password to download – even if the application is free. I did so and the download began.

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