Where are we now?

Well, Anthony A has “gone ahead and escalated this issue to our higher billing department to protect against card usage. ” – I wrote back immediately and asked what that meant. So far (unsurprisingly) no answer.

I called the credit card company to ask about simply going on record as disputing the charges. I am not making up what they said to me:

“In order to dispute charges made by someone known to you – you would have to press formal charges against them.”

That’s correct. To dispute the charges via the credit card company I have to call the police. To say my six-year old looked a bit sheepish when I brought that up would be an understatement.

I did a little research and discovered that I am not alone in dealing with this problem. More here

It looks like FarmVille is unresponsive to the issue – time to contact Apple directly. It appears that the flaw is within the system that Apple has built and developers are simply plugging into.

I would expect that FarmVille would be a bit more in tune with the issue than they appear to be. Time to contact Apple directly.

Later – I’ll tell you how to prevent this on your iPhone

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