This isn’t working anymore

Crisis averted I go back to finishing my very important computer tasks and then start the preparation of the days breakfast and lunch for the camp going kids.

About 45 minutes later(?), and with the rest of the family arriving downstairs for breakfast, my son hands my iPhone to me and says “Papa, it isn’t working”. I take a quick glance at the screen and see the ominous text “Credit Card Declined” on a black background. “Great” I say thinking what? In the busy milieu of the morning routine I suppose I was thinking “he tried to spend some money but couldn’t” and I simply took the phone and stopped thinking about it.

Minutes later – this email comes in:

Now, somewhere in the back of my mind I know that this is related to the phone issue but I assume – thank you Discover – my kid was trying to spend money and . . . and. I don’t know – he didn’t get the password correct? Once again, it’s a busy loud kid filled morning so I don’t deal with it right away.

And then, the emails from the iTunes store start arriving . . .

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