iTunes receipts

Suffice it to say that received more than one of these – total spent $140.00. Is that it? I call the credit card company to make sure where we are.

Discover: We blocked the credit card after three transactions in one minute. The attempted charges were more than $500 dollars.
Me: What can I do about this?
Discover: You’ll have to contact the seller and try to get them refunded

So, the seller is Farmville – obviously not iTunes. I click that “Report A Problem” link in the email and land on an iTunes Store page that features a “Done” button . . . and nothing else. Did I report the problem? Who knows, but one line stands out that’s not in the email.

In App Purchase

Hmm, this “In App Purchase” will be the crux of the issue. Earlier this year Apple introduced a new feature in the iTunes store that allowed developers to “sell” products/services from inside the applications themselves. Neat eh? Now you can buy things without having to go back to the iTunes store. Isn’t that convenient? Yes it is. Is it dangerous? Yes it is.

More on the way . . .

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